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The orbital movements of  the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®  , designed by Juliu Horvath ,draw from the foundations of swimming, yoga, qigong and dance. Through learning these unique GYROTONIC® techniques , we find optimum mobility , flexibility and  strength in the whole body which is grounded  in ease and fluidity.

The body is fully integrated into a kinetic sense that creates space in all the joints of the body. The movements are versatile, continuous and rhythmical,  which stimulates our body’s circulation, shift blockages that may be energetic in nature, and stimulate our fascial tissue in a dynamic way.

Circule-8 Exercise Studio

GYROTONIC® movements access deep articulations of the spine which encases of our nervous system: we feel an increased awareness and  vitality  as well as promoting a healthy central nervous system.Most importantly, we move with breath, which helps us restore our bodies to its natural sense of balance.There are endless benefits to this system and it is always tailored to the individual.


The GYROTONIC® Archway facilitates an exploration of our body’s deeper core systems.  Through working in different forms of gravity , and using,  at times,  a more plyometric force, the body is able to find  a new sense of integrity.

Some clientele include :

  • clients rehabilitating  injuries
  • runners, bikers, musicians ,professional athletes, dancers and performers who need cross-training
  • clients with painful movement patterns
  • clients with movement limitations like prosthetics, or chronic diseases or  impairments.


A special thank you to Darcy Paley : GYROTONIC® Santa Monica on Pico for your solace of a studio

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Prioritizing self-care increases human capacities, including the ability to care for others. With Katie Rayle, Sadie Adams, Samantha-Jane Gray, & Julie Civiello Polier Center, ground, and detoxify after Thanksgiving, allowing your body the opportunity to reset and recharge mid-holiday season, while exploring practices and learning tools to carry you gracefully into the New Year. Nourish your soul

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Collaboration with 16seventeen and Mallory Morrison Photography

“Embrace” , a piece from the ” Expansion” Collection on view @ 1617 Broadway, Suite C These works signify, the process of transformation, letting go, the re-birth that comes with change and balancing the masculine and feminine principles. Curated by Katie Rayle Dancing with Leigh Wakeford

Teaching @ LMU

The Octopus demonstrating Gyrotonic (c) principles

A small insight into the undulations that our spines aim for in our work.


    An article weaving together thoughts on the importance of movement, dance, bodywork and nature. An encouraging read to keep exploring!   Wake Up World: Intuition and the Wisdom of the Body By Bernhard Guenther