Integrated Movement Sessions

Samantha teaches private sessions that integrate the body in a tailored way to the individual.

Sessions take place predominantly on both the Pilates equipment , and the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower.




As a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, Samantha is continually inspired by the moving bodies that surround her in her daily studio life.

Studios are a place for learning and experimentation and Samantha continues to approach her teaching with this sense.

Through her exploration of dance , Samantha has been exposed to many different practices and techniques that provide a large palette which informs her movement practices : ballet, contemporary, gaga, contact improvisation, Feldenkrais, qigong, acupuncture, physiotherapy, oesteopathy and Structural Integration and lots of informal dancing.

Through interweaving these different understandings, Samantha wishes to find a balance between our cognitive mind and our natural instinctual moving body.

Our bodies were made to move : for freedom, inspiration, expansion and healing and it is through this connection that we have fuller experiences.

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“You are helping me re-discover life!” EK.