Pilates principles have a unique way of guiding clients into a deeper understanding of our core muscles, their functionality, and how to intrinsically activate them.

From this foundation of the core movements, clients begin to integrate this knowledge into smaller isolated movements and then build their way up to larger, fully coordinated, dynamic exercises. The aim is to perform these movements with stabilization and control, continually refining our alignment for optimum functionality.

The smallest shifts in the way we do things can have the largest impact.

Pilates is an incredible resource for all those seeking a deeper understanding of the moving body and can be tailored to your needs.

Some clientele include :

  • clients rehabilitating  injuries
  • runners, bikers, musicians ,professional athletes, dancers and performers who need cross-training
  • clients with painful movement patterns
  • clients with movement limitations like prosthetics, or chronic diseases or  impairments.


Learn healthy breathing practices
Reduce stress and pain
Correct alignment and patterning,
Achieve our optimum functionality
Improve our posture
Strengthen and lengthen our muscles
Reduce blockages in tissues and joints
Improve our well being



Anniken Chadwick: Client and Physiotherapist

“Sam is a fantastic Pilates teacher. Her assessment of my body and movement is spot on and her cues to help me find the right patterns of movement and muscle connection are wonderful.

As a Physiotherapist I have also sent many clients to Sam for Pilates training which has exponentially improved their recovery. She has a natural way with clients, really understanding their needs in an intuitive, caring and holistic way. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants to recover from pain or injury, optimize sporting performance and prevent injury or flare up of issues.”

 Nadia Chu: Client

“Samantha is an excellent pilates teacher.  She is precise, engaging, and very attentive to her students.  She always brings her warmth and positive energy to her teaching and ensures that her students work with integrity to keep their bodies safe.  I always feel challenged in her classes but they are always fun and I feel fantastic afterwards.”

 Michelle Tan: Client

“Sammy is an exceptional teacher. She is an inspirational coach and mentor of body movement. Melding her dance background and ever present creative nature into the Pilates practice, she has helped to transform my body and my soul. Her passion for the practise is evident!”

Photography : Thank you to Marta Hernandez


In The Pilates Studio


Prioritizing self-care increases human capacities, including the ability to care for others. With Katie Rayle, Sadie Adams, Samantha-Jane Gray, & Julie Civiello Polier Center, ground, and detoxify after Thanksgiving, allowing your body the opportunity to reset and recharge mid-holiday season, while exploring practices and learning tools to carry you gracefully into the New Year. Nourish your soul

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Collaboration with 16seventeen and Mallory Morrison Photography

“Embrace” , a piece from the ” Expansion” Collection on view @ 1617 Broadway, Suite C These works signify, the process of transformation, letting go, the re-birth that comes with change and balancing the masculine and feminine principles. http://www.mallorymorrison.com/ Curated by Katie Rayle Dancing with Leigh Wakeford

Teaching @ LMU


PHOTOSHOOT FOR PHYSICALMIND CANADA & MARTA HERNANDEZ STUDIO. We shared a gorgeous summer afternoon in Malibu shooting some new material for PhysicalMind Canada Courses  & Marta Hernandez Studio. We laughed and sweated and got Marta doing some dance moves again! A huge thank you to Scott Morgan for your talents , patience and the afternoon

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    An article weaving together thoughts on the importance of movement, dance, bodywork and nature. An encouraging read to keep exploring!   Wake Up World: Intuition and the Wisdom of the Body By Bernhard Guenther