We fuel our curiosity

Creating Body in collaboration with The Ground Space and guests, continue to facilitate workshops in different modalities as a means of continuous exploration of the work and play.

February 2o17:

We had  the honour of hosting Izumi Takuguchi in a sold-out 3 part series of Yamuna Body Rolling, and quickly learned how the systems of the body support each other.

April 2017:

Bringing meditation to our movement. Genna Moroni facilitated a Gaga Dance Class , encouraging us to alter our perceptions and re-define how we choose to sense and initiate  movements.

Summer 2017:

Izumi Takuguchi will be hosting further workshops in the Summer on the Feminine Principle and understanding the roll of our organs in relation to the other aspects of the body and our being.   Please e-mail creatingbody@icloud.com for further information.